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Silaplane® (Polydimethylsiloxane)

What is Silaplane®?

Silaplane® is a polydimethylsiloxane having one or two reactive groups. It can react with various organic materials and give attractive properties such as heat resistance, flexibility, mold release property, abrasion resistance, water repellency and oxygen permeability to them.
The distinguishing characteristics of Silaplane® are as follows;

  1. Narrow molecular weight distribution(Except for FM-33 and FM-44 series)
  2. Controllable molecular weight
  3. Less impurities

Mono-terminal type

Bi-terminal type


Applications of Silaplane®

Contact Lenses
Artificial Leather

Resin Modification by Silaplane®: The Difference Between Terminal Types

The mono-terminal type Silaplane® is suitable for grafting silicone compounds into polymer main chains in a comb form.
Silicone chains are formed on the organic resin and lead to surface modification. The bi-terminal type Silaplane® is suitable for introducing silicone compounds into polymer main chains. Silicone chains disperse into the organic resin and change the physical properties of the organic resin.
Thus obtained silicone modified polymers have both characteristics attributed to silicone compounds and the organic polymer. Since Silaplane® forms chemical bonds in the polymers, bleed out does not occur.

Customized Grades

We have technology to make Silaplane® having the reaction groups different from standard grades. We offer several kinds of reaction group as customized grades. These include vinyl, silanol, carboxy, trialkoxysilyl, and epoxy groups. They can be introduced to both mono- and bi-terminal types. We can also prepare the molecular weight according to the demands of a customer. Inquiries on reactive silicones other than those described in this brochure are also welcome. Please feel free to contact us.