Celluflow (Microporous Cellulose Powder)


Rich experience and trust! Plant-derived porous cellulose particles CELLUFLOW is made of porous spheric cellulose particles.
It is suitable as a cosmetic ingredient due to its smooth texture, hypoallergenicity on skin, and high air permeability. With an adequate ability to absorb both water and oil, its formulation helps improve the texture and functions of cosmetic products.

Basic Intelligence

C-25(INCI Name: Cellulose)


TA-25(INCI Name:Cellulose Acetate)



  • Time-tested as a cosmeticbase.
  • This pant based material produces a light texture. Use of a plant-based material can promote the product image.
  • The shape resembling a complete sphere is anticipated to deliver smooth texture and superior spread over the skin.
  • Works as a microsponge by absorbing waterand oil and swelling, to add a uniquetexture.
  • This porous material is expected to slowly release active ingredients absorbed and to permeate air.
  • It is physically and chemically strong and stable over time as it hardly dissolves or changes shape.


Powder cosmetics
  • Foundation
  • Eye color
  • Body powder, etc
Emulsified cosmetics
  • Milky lotion
  • Liquid foundation, etc.
Lip color
  • Lip color
  • Lip balm, etc.
Skin lotion
  • Lotion containing a redispersible substance (powder- formulated lotion), etc.


Water absorbing capacity of each particles
Oil absorbing capacity of each particles


1. Foundation

  • Propylene glycol5.0%
  • Bentonite1.0%
  • Triethanolamine1.0%
  • Cellulose C-2510.0%
  • Stearic acid3.0%
  • Stearyl alcohol1.0%
  • Liquid paraffin8.0%
  • Isopropyl myristate5.0%
  • Petrolatum2.0%
  • Glyceride monostearate2.0%
  • Polyoxyethylene 20 stearyl ether1.0%
  • Blended powder*13.5%
  • Preservative0.5%
  • Fragrance0.3%
  • Refined waterRemnant

2. Milky Lotion

  • Propylene glycol5.0%
  • Polyethylene glycol 15003.0%
  • Carboxyvinyl polymer0.1%
  • Triethanolamine1.0%
  • Cellulose C-252.0%
  • Liquid paraffin10.0%
  • Stearic acid2.0%
  • Cetyl alcohol1.5%
  • Petrolatum3.0%
  • Glyceryl monooleate1.0%
  • Polyoxyethylene 20 sorbitan monoglyceride1.0%
  • Preservative0.2%
  • Fragrance0.1%
  • Sequestering agent0.05%
  • Refined waterRemnant

3. Lip color paste

  • Paraffin wax7.0%
  • Euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax5.0%
  • Lanolin alcohol12.0%
  • Methylphenyl polysiloxane (100c.s.)17.0%
  • Dextrin palmitate1.0%
  • Castor oil50.0%
  • Titanium dioxide4.0% <
  • Cellulose C-253.0%
  • Red no. 2160.3%
  • Iron oxide black0.3%
  • Iron oxide red0.3%
  • DibutylhydroxytolueneAdequate amount
  • FragranceAdequate amount