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Privacy Policy

JNC CORPORATION will protect personal information in accordance with the following “personal data protection policy established as a part of its corporate compliance system.

1. Implementation of the compliance program for personal data protection

Our company complies with the law related to personal information and continues to improve corporate systems by publicizing the compliance program for personal data protection (including this corporate policy, the in-house regulations concerning personal data protection, and other rules/regulations).
It is our social responsibility to protect personal information provided from all individuals (hereinafter referred to as “individual, and we determined the handling method of personal data as follows.

2. Organization

Our company selected the supervisor for personal data management and the responsible person for personal data handling to appropriately manage personal information.

3. Collection and use of personal information

Our company collects personal information through legal and fair procedures, and uses such data only for the objectives which are noticed or announced in advance, as needed for our business.

4. Provision of personal information to the third party

Our company never provides personal information to the third party without obtaining a consensus in advance from an individual who provided the personal data to our company.

5. Safety management of personal information

Our company takes necessary countermeasures for safety management of personal information by preventing illegal access, loss, theft, interpolation and leakage of the data.
When the management of personal information is commissioned to an expert agency, our company will appropriately supervise the management as needed.

6. Inquiries about personal information

When an individual hopes to disclose, correct, or delete his/her personal data or to suspend the use of such information, our company will immediately and rationally carry out the predefined procedures.
Our company provides the service counter for personal data management to answer inquiries about personal information from an individual.