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CELLUFINE(Chromatography Media)

Cellufine is the liquid chromatography media for the purification of proteins, enzymes and other bio-active substance. Since it is made from spherical cellulose particles having high chemical stability, high mechanical strength and bio-compatibility, it is suitable for the production in Bio-pharmaceutical industry. And the leaking from this matrix is much less than that from the synthetic polymer media.
Many grades of Cellufine are lined up from Gel Filtration, Ion Exchanger, Affinity and Hydrophobic Interaction chromatography in order to purify target molecules to requested specifications.
In addition, we can provide custom made grades corresponding to user's requests, such as affinity media with a designated ligand. 

Polylysine(Natural food preservative)

Polylysine is a natural food preservative manufactured by JNC with the use of bio-technology. This naturally occurring substance is a chain polymer of the "essential amino acid" L-lysine, a protein that is essential for human health and development. The product is characterized by is superior safety and growth-inhibiting power on pathogenic bacteria releasing toxins in food and causing food decay. Polylysine has a potent preservative effect even in minor doses and does therefore not affect the taste qualities of the food it protects from decay. JNC has a full range of polylysine food preservatives to improve the storage life of various foods. 

Hyaluronic Acid(Sodium Hyaluronate)

Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizing factor copiously occurring in the animal and human body. Hyaluronic is produced by bio-technology. It keeps the skin supple and soft, maintaining a healthy moisture balance. Hyaluronic acid is now used as a "standard" cosmetics ingredient throughout the world. The distinctive feature of JNC's hyaluronic acid lies in its outstanding quality, a reputation that accounts for its inclusion in many world-famous cosmetic brands. 

Collagen Peptide of Fish Scale Origin

A scale of fish contains collagen with high water retention capacity as same as human skin. JNC has commercialized the collagen peptide as a cosmetic material improved in color and smell by JNC own process using the fish scale. JNC collagen is so small in molecular weight, and so excellent in water retention capacity that beauty effect on skin is expected.

Sila-Ace(Silane Coupling Agent)

Silane coupling agents bond inorganic materials such as metals and glass and organic materials such as resins together without detriment to their specific properties. In the electronics field, they come into their own as molding compounds to protect IC chips and as electrical insulants for printed circuit boards. They are also used in the construction and building industry on articifical marble that graces the prestige hotel or office building or for bath tubs that provide a luxurious comfort and relaxation. 

Silaplane(Reactive Silicone)

JNC's reactive silicones are poly-siloxane macromonomers developed with the benefit of anion living synthesis techniques.
The unique properties of silicone can be imparted to this product through a process involving its incorporation into various resins such as acrylic and urethane. The product comes into its own in the creation of products with a higher value-added content covering areas such as the medical, cosmetic, special ink, and articifical leather fields.

Aroma Chemicals

We have wide range of aroma chemicals for flavor and fragrance industries. We have developed Leaf Aldehyde and its esters. These are used in a wide range of everyday life scenarios from cosmetic and toiletry fragrances to refreshment drink flavors. 

Inks and Packaging Materials

JNC's ethyl acetate is extensively used in printing inks for snack and instant-noodle packaging materials.


The solvents manufactured by JNC are used for automobiles and buildings and add color and beauty to our lives. Ester solvents, in particular, are known for their subdued odor and their environment-friendliness as they do not increase the ozone concentration. 


Z CLEAN is a highly engineered purge compound developed in 1986 in JNC Corporation for cleaning all types of plastics processing machines safely and efficiently.

Delivering innovative, high performance filtration products on time with high quality, safety and reliability.

The liquid chromatography media for the purification of proteins, enzymes and other bio-active substance.

Natural Food Preservative
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